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An experienced Realtor® is always going to know who to call for almost any household issue you can think of. On a daily basis, Realtors deal with everything from plumbing emergencies to rotten wood, broken HVAC systems, rodent or insect issues, septic problems, roofing problems, to even a terrible paint palette. Steven Edwards is well connected in the metro Charlotte area and has connections to vetted, reliable professionals who you can trust. No matter the issue, Steven has worked with a contractor to solve the same thing or at least something very similar.

There’s no need for research, or pouring over Google reviews, Steven’s referral portal will get you the right person for the job you need completed.

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With nearly a decade in Real Estate, Steven Edwards watched the market return from the depths of the financial crisis and has seen properties in every imaginable condition. Steven is committed to the success of others. He’s a servant leader, with a heart for helping.

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